We are passionate about helping you grow your practice 

 As an entrepreneur who serves people for a living, your day consists of prospect meetings, preparing for speaking engagements, and dealing with clients. While you may not mean to, worrying about social media, emails, and blogging don’t often make it to the top of your to-do list. Do you promise yourself that you’re going to dedicate at least an hour a day working on your marketing, but after dealing with clients all day, the work you had to catch up on, and squeezing in a little “me” time, it just gets pushed until tomorrow? And before you know it tomorrow turns into 3 months?

 No need to be ashamed – we’ve all been there. This is just a sign that it’s time to hand this over to someone else!

That’s where we step in – at the Social Pop Studio our team wants to take a lot of these tasks off your plate while providing you the peace of mind knowing that it’s being taken care of.   

We purposely dedicated our firm to helping therapists, coaches, and consultants because we know where your true priority lies – with your clients. Our goal is to keep you focused on running your business while we focus on telling the world about it!

After taking the time to get to know you and researching industry trends, we get to enjoy finding creative ways to tell your audience and potential clients who you are and all that you have to offer.

Don’t let the idea of running  social media accounts, a blog, your email list, and other channels prevent you from moving forward. You’ve made some progress, and now it’s time to let us take it to the next level.  We hope we can join you on your journey towards building an online presence that everyone will remember. 



I’m Ashleigh!

With a Bachelors in Marketing and Masters in Communication, I’ve been in the marketing industry for 7 years, and have worked a little bit of everywhere. From software companies to colleges, but nothing makes me happier than helping my fellow #bossladies. As cheesy as it may seem, it really makes me smile to know that I’ve played a role in helping another woman grow her empire. 

Building websites, creating moodboards, and writing blog posts to help tell the world who you are makes my day. For me it’s not work, it’s…well, fun!

Fun Facts:

1. If you can’t tell by my site I ABSOLUTELY LOVE black. If you saw my house it would really confirm it!

2. Without heels I’m only 5ft tall, but good things come in small packages lol

3. I have 9 piercings and 4 tattoos (but you can only see them if I choose to show you 😉

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